What is Luxury WPC (Waterproof Flooring)?

What is Luxury WPC (Waterproof Flooring)?

Diamond core highlights of flooring products: Retro Technology


With the development of flooring and the increase of production capacity, flooring products have begun to diversify, including green bamboo flooring, recyclable wood-plastic flooring, low-carbon healthy anion series flooring, etc., are gradually occupying the core of the floor market. Diamond believes that the future competition between flooring products will tend to product innovation and after-sales service, while the future flooring market pattern will be diversified, compared with other floor pavement materials, wood flooring products will be more competitive.

1, low carbon environmental protection

The formaldehyde emission of Diamond floor ranges from 0.2 mg/L to 0.7 mg/L, which is far less than the national standard. The environmental protection grade of super-solid wood waterproofing products reaches E0 level. Customers can use it safely. In the next year, the focus of Diamond flooring product development is still low-carbon environmental protection, in the process of research and development, low-carbon environmental protection as the top priority of the product; on the one hand, this matches the current market demand, but also lays a solid foundation for their product competitiveness. In order to protect natural resources and maintain ecological balance, European and American countries and regions have issued corresponding forest protection laws and regulations. China has also begun to take various measures to protect forests, undoubtedly aggravated the burden and cost of raw materials for flooring enterprises, and further intensified the competition for resources materials. Diamond's consistent low-carbon environmental protection is no longer a slogan, but a new market concept, an imperative technological innovation.

2, natural restoration

In the central area of the floor market, in the past two years have also appeared a series of natural retro floors, and quickly become the mainstream of the market, get the favor of many consumers. As an important part of the household, consumers' demand for floor is also more natural. The author found in many building materials stores in Anhui, consumers choose floors, more emphasis on texture changes and natural tones. Therefore, many flooring dealers will be natural antique flooring on the most prominent position in the store, antique flooring as the main product of enterprises. A store manager who specializes in antique flooring said: "In order to meet the needs of consumers, the current market of solid wood flooring, laminated flooring more and more natural, the pursuit of original effect, try to reproduce the natural style of logs, back to the original, so that consumers zero-distance contact with nature, back to nature." Diamond flooring continues to innovate, in the retro legend, natural logs (hand-grabbed), log legend series on the basis of the natural retro style copy to the new flooring product category, and achieved good results in the annual sales.

3, technology fashion

At present, the flooring market product homogeneity phenomenon is very serious, many products once published, were instantly copied, plagiarism, some small manufacturers, small workshops produced flooring is subprime, confusing audio-visual, deceiving consumers. In order to effectively avoid this phenomenon, better stabilize the market and achieve sustainable development, Diamond vigorously promotes product research and development, on the one hand, it can enhance the competitiveness of products in the market, on the other hand, it can accelerate the update of products, eliminate old-fashioned products, and deliver fresh blood to the floor market. At present, many new flooring in the market brilliant, including spontaneous heating flooring, 3D flooring, PVC flooring and other sales have soared, the majority of consumers praise. These floor products not only represent new production technologies, but also represent the needs of consumers at present.

4, high quality substrate

The quality of the substrate determines many physical and chemical properties of the laminated floor, and is also one of the main factors of the floor cost. Diamond flooring selection of the substrate are all well-known enterprises to produce environmentally friendly high-density flooring substrate (DHF) (such as Daya substrate), all using imported equipment, high-quality raw materials, first-class management; the production of the substrate quality is the best, or even more than part of the imported substrate. We choose such substrates, and the quality of the floor can be guaranteed. And some low-cost floor substrate is very poor, and some even use MDF, the price is naturally much lower, but the quality can not be guaranteed at all.

5, super strong wear resistance

According to the requirements of national standards, the initial wear resistance of laminated flooring should reach more than 6000 revolutions, equivalent to the European standard AC3. According to the data provided in September 2000 by MEAD, the top 500 wear-resistant paper manufacturer in the world, the 76g/sq wear-resistant value of MEAD's top products can reach AC5 (15000 revolutions), generally with a maximum error of +25%. For example, the wear resistance of 45g/sq may be 9000 +2000 revolutions. Diamond chose 45g/sq wear resistance paper. We promised 6000 revolutions of wear resistance, which is based on this standard. In fact, some companies claim that the wear resistance of 11000 revolutions is a kind of wear resistance paper. This also reflects our commitment to integrity.

6, brand service

Diamond Flooring's full range of services include: product knowledge answers, specified colors processing, the provision of appropriate accessories, delivery and installation, quality assurance card, use and maintenance, after-sales services. The choice of Diamond flooring is the choice of brand floor professional value service.

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